Life is What you Make It - 2019
West & East Caribbean Cruise
with your favourite DJ's Studio One & 5th Avenue
Introducing Studio One & 5th Avenue (As if you don't already know them)
Our Entertainment
During your wonderful cruise around the Caribbean, you will have 5 extraordinary nights of music led by Studio One and 5th Avenue. You can get your Groove on and dance the night away. You will also get a chance to enjoy the ports we visit and the entertainment on board 
Entertainment on Board MSC Seaside
There is music and entertainment all over the ship but we wanted to highlight a few of the things you can enjoy on this beautiful cruise. Every evening there will be a show in the Metropolitan Theatre. On the nights when you are not dancing with Studio One and 5th Avenue - you can hit the Garage Disco. On top of that you have a 4D Cinema, an F1 Simulator and many bars playing live music.